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Our Story

How It Began...

Originally from the Caribbean island of Trinidad and Tobago, Pastors Russell and Ruth Morrison have served in several positions throughout their journey as Christians which dates back to the 1970s.  Whether as prayer meeting hosts, Sunday School leaders, Outreach Ministers, Deacons, or Board of Trustees members they've always had a willing heart to fill any need in the Church.​

After relocating to the United States in the early 90s, their passion to serve continued and allowed them to partner with several NYC Ministries, helping with teaching adult Sunday and Vacation Bible School classes, serving as Ministerial Consultants, and working in Evangelism Outreach.  

In 2003, Pastor Morrison and his wife attended a retreat in Blue Mountain, Pennsylvania. There, they heard the call of God to full time ministry. Upon returning to New York, they shared this vision with their then Bishop who was fully supportive. During the ensuing months they pursued a ministerial training course, and upon completion were fully installed as Co-pastors of a new work on Staten Island. However, God was not finished with his servants.


He gave them a new name to fit the vision of the Ministry in which they were called to serve. Subsequently, in January of 2005, Staten Island Deliverance Temple, Inc. was birthed. Pastor Morrison has the passion for souls and has asked God to send him the drug addicts, drunkards, and those who have been rejected by the society.

Our Story

Over the Years...

Staten Island Deliverance Temple remains steadfast in our mission to impact underserved communities, both locally and globally.  Through various partnerships and with the help of community leaders, we've been able to distribute hundreds of school supplies and book bags, Thanksgiving meals, Winter coats, personal care essentials and fresh fruits and vegetables from its community garden. Our Health Ministry has allowed us to provide free HIV/AIDS, blood pressure and hypertension testing to hundreds of local residents.  


Pastor Russell's travels has also allowed our impact to extend internationally to Canada, Jamaica, Kenya,

Saint Vincent, Trinidad and Tobago, London and Zambia. In each nation he visits, he enthusiastically  lives out the principles of Ministry Evangelism and Servanthood Evangelism, by contributing both physically and spiritually to the needs of the people.

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Today We Are...

More than ever, we are completely committed to teaching the Word of God without compromise. It is our goal to help transform the lives of as many individuals as possible.  And while that transformation may mean different changes for different people, we understand one thing is the same.  We all need the power of Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit to become who He created us to be. 

We are focused on making a Christ-like impact in our community and will be continue to be a safe haven for families and individuals.  Today, tomorrow and forever, that will be our mission. Preaching the Word and doing good to everyone we meet, just like our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. 


Be A Part of Our Story...

Join us at one of our services or special events. as we continue to impact our communities both locally and globally, for the Kingdom of God! 

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